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adopt a precinct

Let's Stand Together

"Bad Politicians Are Elected by Good People Who Don’t Vote."


What Is A Precinct?

A precinct is a defined area within a city or town. We all live in neighborhoods and precincts are collections of neighborhoods. Each precinct is represented in statewide elections.


How to Adopt a Precinct?

Adopting a precinct is an informal, organic process that allows your organization to become more actively involved with mobilizing registered voters in your area.

There are Five Simple Steps:

  1. Complete the Online Registration Form
  2. Receive A List of Registered Voters in Your Precinct
  3. Recruit Volunteers from Within Your Organization
  4. Share Voting Information via Calls / Visits to Registered Voters
  5. Offer Transportation Assistance on Election and Early Voting Days

Multiple organizations can adopt the same precinct. By completing the online registration form, we can notify you of other groups that have also adopted your precinct. This gives you the opportunity to collaborate with those groups to make an even greater community impact.