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Let's Stand Together

"The Ballot is Stronger than the Bullet."

Abraham Lincoln

Your Vote Equals Your


Your voice NEEDS to be heard. Your vote can influence your entire state; which can impact you for years to come.


Your vote represents your primary Opportunity to select leaders that have your best interest at heart. No one can complain about problems in their communities who refuse to take advantage of the golden opportunity to vote


You have value! Your vote is priceless. Think of all money candidates spend on TV, Internet and Radio ads just to earn the privilege of YOUR vote. Don’t allow your treasure to be devalued. VOTE!


As citizens, we are expected to do a few simple things to protect our communities, our state and our nation. We are expected to respect the rights of others and we are expected to VOTE. Your community is counting on YOU to do your part.

Minimum Turnout Goals

Early Voting

Registered Voters

Election Day Voting November 3, 2020

Registered Voters

Total Turnout Goal

Registered Voters